My work with you on the pelvic region is integrated into work on the body as a whole, resulting in enhanced health and function.

I have a comprehensive understanding of unique factors that can influence pain and recovery including sleep, diet/food, stress and ability to manage this, hormonal changes and influences. I also have a background in herbal medicine and utilise this knowledge to offer you an holistic service.


The Alexander Technique    

I am passionate about this technique and how it can give your body a chance to work freely. It is a unique system of awareness of mind and body that helps reduce inappropriate tension. Any action we perform depends for success on how well the mind and body are functioning in unison.

This technique helps you to rediscover the joy which a child unconsciously experiences in its own movement. The way we move can be a mirror of our emotional state. Our body is our most precious possession and it is vital that we learn to look after our bodies.

I can work with you to understand some of these concepts and discover “a kind of coming home”.

“Know then thyself, presume not God to scan, the proper study of mankind is man”
Alexander Pope 1688-1744

Midwifery Workshops: "Women walking with Women"

I developed these workshops for local midwives. The goal is to share information and techniques to enable midwives to help women during pregnancy and postnatally with pelvic pain, prolapse, abdominal diastasis and pelvic floor problems. I also give midwives guidance on when to refer the women to a physiotherapist or appropriate health professional.

I have held many workshops in the Waikato.

The workshop is accredited for College professional development points with the Midwifery Council.

The feedback has been really great and has enabled a closer working relationship within our areas.

If you are interested in attending one of these workshops or if you would like me to run one on your area, please contact me.

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Art by my best friend who has contributed to my work

Herbal creams and products (locally made and sourced where able)