Products and recommended reading/books:

I can recommend a range of products. A small selection of these products is displayed below.

You will find that I have listed some book titles beside the conditions that I can offer help/advice/physiotherapy for.

These books can usually be purchased from or The Book Depository (UK) for reasonable prices. Please contact me if you would like me to order any of these titles for you.

I have listed below the books that I sell through my clinic:

"Pelvic Floor Recovery" and "Pelvic Floor Recovery Essentials" by Sue Croft

"Inside Out" by Michelle Kenway

"Conquering Incontinence" by Peter Dornan (prostate surgery and exercises for after)

Please contact us for current prices or to order products.


Ask me about my excellent booklet about exercising in the first three months of your postnatal year: titled "Rediscovering Your Body after Birthing" . It is easy to read and has week to week suggestions for suitable exercise options. It also has a section on pelvic floor recovery and exercises after birth.

Contact me if you would like to order one or more copies. The cost is $5 per booklet plus postage.


Healthy Bladder Tea:

Patients often ask me what to drink or take to help with bladder problems.

I have found it difficult to source a local and effective product to recommend. Most products are imported or have components added that are not necessary.

Consequently I developed a herbal tea for bladder health and recovery (from infections, inflammation, and surgery)

I have a Diploma in Herbal Medicine and I did some research and trials and found this combination of herbs to be most effective.

The ingredients are: cranberries, yarrow, uva ursi, nettle, marshmallow root, corn silk. Most of these herbs are grown in New Zealand.

The herbs are specific to healing mucous membranes, and setting up a healthy internal environment. I offer this tea to patients with recurrent bladder infections, interstitial cystitis, urinary urgency and after surgery involving the bladder wall.





Soothing, healing balm for cracked, irritated sensitive tissue: Suvana (certified organic) with paw paw and honey.







MENOEASE: Natural herbal cream for vaginal health and wellbeing: an excellent alternative or addition for women needing help in this area - NZ Made by a local herbalist
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Abdominal binders for pregnancy or hernia support - prices vary according to size and type: please contact me to discuss options









Pregnancy support belt -  Please contact me for more information or you can buy the smiley belt direct from








Squatting stool specifically designed for my work and clinic - NZ Made
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