What to expect at your consultation


Do I need a referral?

No, you can just contact me to make an appointment. Sometimes a GP or specialist may

give you a referral or send one to me with information about your requirements.


Do you treat patients with an ACC referral/ claim number?

Yes, I am registered with ACC and I have a surcharge of $7.00 per visit. If I think another

physiotherapist would be more appropriate for your condition, I will advise you.


How long will the visit take?

For a first visit it may take up to an hour. Subsequent visits are usually 20 to 30 minutes.

These times are, of course, dependent on your condition and requirements.


What do I need to bring?

Try to bring any test or xray results or any other relevant information about your health/

medical history. It is helpful to bring a list of your current medications if appropriate.


What do I wear?

Wear something comfortable as I may need to show you some exercises or stretches.


What happens on the first visit?

We will talk about what is happening/your problem. I will need to ask some questions to

get some background/history. Usually, I will then carry out a physical assessment if you

feel comfortable with this. I will check with you at each stage of this visit to make sure you

are happy with our plan.

We then look at treatment options and discuss goals and time frames for recovery.

If, at any stage during your physiotherapy intervention, I feel that you need further

investigation or specialist advice, I will discuss this with you.


How often will I need to come to physiotherapy?

Of course this depends on your problem, but generally I will give you some advice/

exercises to do regularly at home and then see you again after two to four weeks. You

may need to come for at least four to six visits, but this is very flexible and we will discuss

your treatment plan each time we meet.


What is the cost?

If you have medical/health insurance you may find that physiotherapy is covered. Check

before you come. Otherwise the cost is:

$100 for first assessment and $45 for follow up visits (inclusive of GST)

$55 per pregnancy and postnatal related assessment and $30 for follow up visits (inclusive of GST)

ACC surcharge of $7 per visit.

There is a $10 nonrefundable charge for the loan of equipment (eg: belts).


Contact details: 13 Lorne Street, Hamilton.

Telephone: 07 843 4406 or 021 152 2350

Email: info@pelvichealthphysio.co.nz

Web: www.pelvichealthphysio.co.nz