• Talk to your midwife about your exercise programme and plans
  • Continue with any exercise you were doing before pregnancy if you are comfortable and there are no problems.
  • Three to four times per week, at a light to moderate level, is recommended, start with a five minute warm up and finish with a five minute cool down.
  • Drink water before, during and after exercise.
  • Have something extra to eat (e.g. fruit) within the hour before and after exercise.
  • Stay cool, exercise at cooler times of the day, wear comfortable and supportive clothing.
  • Suggestions: pregnancy yoga or Pilates; swimming; exercycle; walking; light weight training for upper body; belly dancing; low impact zumba; gym ball exercises


Activities that involve straining (e.g.lifting heavy weights)

Exercising in hot conditions

Contact sport

Stretching to your limit

Exercising lying on your back

Jerky, high impact exercise.

Listen to your body and STOP if hot, dizzy or unwell.