Services for women

I listen to you to learn about your history and the factors that may be affecting your health and how to enhance/facilitate your recovery. I will provide recommendations and advice.

Your muscles, joints and organs can be at risk if you have had children, are going through/have gone through menopause, have a family history of pelvic problems, never exercise or don't know how to, other health problems, wrong/repeated lifting.

I offer you excellent information and education. I also integrate the use of the Alexander Technique where appropriate.

You may find this book really helpful in understanding your hormonal cycle: it is very different from the usual medical approach. 

"Moon Time" by Lucy H. Pearce, you can purchase this on

Your pelvic floor and running (click here)

I believe that women are not really made to run for long periods, either structurally or hormonally., We probably should only run when we have adrenaline helping our bodies, for example when a lion is chasing us!


Click here for advice and exercises for the Pelvic Floor Muscles

  Conditions/problems I can offer help for:


         Pregnancy / postnatal problems Click here for postnatal exercises and advice

(pelvic/back pain, abdominal problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, coccydynia, continence) - download » Helpful books: read Janet Balaskas' books for information and guidance regarding healthy pregnancy and birth options. "Our babies, Ourselves" by Meredith Small, "Entering the world" by Michel Odent,  "The core and the floor" Post pregnancy exercises DVD

Click here for reasons why abdominal binding is IMPORTANT

Click here for pregnancy exercise advice

          Click here for a great video to talk you through pelvic floor exercises

          Click here for advice on massaging your caesarean scar

          Click here for your pelvic floor and running

          Click here for advice for abdominal muscle separation in pregnancy





        Pelvic pain (sudden or long-standing) - download »

Helpful books: "A headache in the pelvis" by David Wise "Explain Pain" by D Butler and L Mosley. "Heal pelvic pain" by Amy Stein


Faecal incontinence & constipation - download » Click here for good bowel habits

Helpful books: "Constipation: lets get things moving" by Sue Markwell, "The good bowel habit" by R Nagel and S Owen and Rodney Anderson,"IBS free at last" by Patsy Catsos


Urinary incontinence - download »

Helpful books: "Beyond Kegels" by Janet Hulme, "Womens Waterworks" by Pauline Chiarelli


Pelvic organ prolapse. click here for more advice

Helpful books "Inside Out" by Michelle Conway, "From prolapse to pelvic power" CD (movement lessons to wake up your pelvic floor) "Pelvic floor recovery: a guide after gynaecological surgery" by Sue Croft


Sexual problems or pain including vaginismus and vulvodynia - download »

Helpful books: "Vagina" by Naomi Wolf, "The "V" Book" by Elizabeth Stewart, "Ending female pain" by Isa Herrera,


Stress management:

Helpful books: Breathe better, Feel better" by Howard Kent, "Stretch and Relax" by Maxine Tobias and Mary Stewart


Menopause and associated problems/challenges - download »