Services for men

I listent to you  to learn about your history and the factors that may be affecting your health.

The muscles, joints and organs can be at risk if you have had surgery, constipation, have a family history of pelvic problems, never exercise or don't know how to, other health problems, wrong/repeated lifting, nerve/spinal injury.

I offer you advice and educationin and recommendations. I also integrate the use of the Alexander Technique where appropriate.


  • Faecal incontinence & constipation - download »

Helpful books: "Overcoming Constipation: let's get things moving" by Sue Markwell, "The good bowel habit" by Dr R Nagel and S Owen, "IBS Free at last" by Patsy Catsos


  • Pelvic pain, pudendal nerve (sudden or long-standing) - download »

Helpful books " A Headache in the Pelvis" by David Wise and Rodney Anderson, "Explain Pain" by L Mosley and D Butler


Helpful resources: "Orgawell Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men" DVD


  • Stress management:

Helpful books: Breathe better, Feel better" by Howard Kent, "Stretch and Relax" by Maxine Tobias and Mary Stewart


  • Spinal/postural advice:

Helfpul books: "The chair" by Galen Cranz, "The Alexander Technique" by J Leibowitz and B Connington


Helpful books: "Conquering Incontinence" by Peter Dornan

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