Testimonials and patient feedback:

(Please note: all of the names and comments are from my patients, but I have not identified them to maintain confidentiality)


"Thank you for the care, kindness and expertise you have given to me during a long journey. I believe we've come out into a different place and a more positive outlook" KC July 2017


"Your advice and exercises helped a lot. Pain was controlled within a few days of visiting you. Thanks heaps" AH May 2017


"Thank you for being so much help and for understanding" EH February 2017


"Thank you for changing my life! The work you did to heal my pain was incredible... I will always be grateful to you" SB vuvlodynia December 2014




"I just wanted to say thank you for all the help and support you have given me... you have been amazing! " ST pregnancy and postnatal pain December 2014



"I just want to thank Linley for my appointment the other day. I felt such a relief after seeing her. She really understood how much pain I have been in and listened about the extensive stress I've been under due to pain from dealing with pelvic pressure from pregnancy as well as trying to look after my young family at home. When you feel you are not getting the support from your midwife and GP about this horrible injury Linley was reassuring that some professionals still listen and still take into account what you need. Thanks Linley very much." JS (pelvic girdle pain) February 2014


"I want to thank you so much for your wonderful input and support over the years - it has meant a lot to us. I'm still using a lot of what you taught me."

EL (pregnancy related problems) October 2013

"Thank you for my appointment with you. The exercises have been amazing and I thank you so much for those; also for your professionalism and compassion - it was wonderful."

LW (prolapse) August 2013


"Thank you so much for being so generous with your time and knowledge. my day with you inspired and motivated me to continue my work with women"

R (physiotherapist who spent a day with me) July 2013


"Thank you for giving me new ways of moving. I will continue to improve my condition based on your help"

MM (prolapse) July 2013


"The knowledge you have given me has made my life so much better on a daily basis. That is nearly a miracle!"

AH June 2013



" Thank you very much for my appointment. Your understanding and kindness, woman to woman, was very comforting"

C (after prolapse surgery) May 2013



"Thank you very much for your time and sharing your knowledge and experience with us today"

2nd year midwifery students, Wintec, Hamilton. May 2013


"Just wanted to relate a patients praise of your care. She saw you a few weeks ago when she was about 2 weeks post natal, she had developed a sudden prolapse in the shower and been quite traumatised by the experience and been told there was nothing that her GP or midwife could do. Her midwife referred her to you. She said if she hadn't seen you she didn't know if she would have made it!!! Your reassurance was what she needed.

Thought you should know the difference you made."

Physiotherapy colleague March 2013



"Thank you for all your help. Still enjoying the exercises so will stick with them!"

K (bowel incontinence) February 2013



"Thank you very much for helping and understanding me this year. You've been really great"

L (vulvodynia patient) December 2012



"I just thought I'd drop you a quick email to say that you have helped me so much!! My rib pain has decreased markedly and I feel like a totally new person!  Your magic hands have done wonders for my squashed up diaphragm (and little bubby!) and I will continue to do the stretches you showed me in the hope that the pain stays away!! :) even if it comes back, these last couple of days have been such a huge relief!

I will recommend you to everybody I know who needs any physio work done and hope that you feel super proud for what you do for people. It must be very rewarding :):)"

A (pregnant back/rib pain) October 2012



"Thank you for all your kind words and healing hands while I was pregnant."

K (pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy) June 2012



"Thank you for your dedication to the wellbeing of women and your committment to education"

Wintec midwifery tutors, May 2012